About Us

Limitless is a community organization with a mission to embrace individuals of all backgrounds and abilities and enable opportunities to create beautiful things together. It is a movement, a lifestyle, and a way to live and experience the world. The mission and vision of Limitless is about empowerment, integration, and imagination.

Our Background

Limitless began with a mission to promote the concept that anybody can dance, anywhere, anytime … regardless of age, experience or ability. Limitless was founded by 2 occupational therapists, Debbie Wang and Heidi Dombish, in 2010. Although both therapists worked full-time in a rehabilitation hospital and shared a love for dance, they saw a growing need to create opportunities for the people they worked with to also be able to enjoy what they loved to do. Their first goal was to create a unique integrated dance program where participants from all walks of life were welcome to learn a variety of dance styles and techniques. This first ever “So You Think You Can’t Dance” class/program began as part of the Wellness Center at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center in 2011 and provided opportunities to individuals of all abilities to dance together. After seeing countless participants light up on the dance floor, smiling and moving in ways that they never dreamed possible, Wang and Dombish knew that they had created something special.

Although they recognized the incredible benefits that dancing, music, and art has for all peoples, Wang and Dombish saw a gap in the ability for individuals with disabilities to be able to access and share artful experiences in the community. They did not believe that the only place people with disabilities could learn how to dance, play music, and create art should be at a hospital. Unlike other adapted recreational activities for the disabled community, they did not want their dancers to go to separate clubs or perform with special groups as the only way to enjoy dance and express themselves. Their dancers wanted to be able to dance with their friends and families at parties, clubs, performances, competitions, in the car, or on the street for a flash mob! They should be able to learn how to dance from their favorite dancer at the best dance studio. Wang and Dombish knew that the only way to accomplish this was to teach both the disability community and others what we can create together! Their small vision to start a local hospital-based dance program became a dream to change the entire dance community and the world!


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