Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Limitless strives to celebrate diversity through dance, promoting positive expression through art and music, and asking people to work together to create a peaceful, healthy world. Through creating and supporting dance and community programs, the goal of Limitless is to build a community that empowers and allows people of all ages, experiences, and abilities to come together and share/create incredible things together. At Limitless, we believe in a world that fosters individual empowerment and integration. We believe that working together will open your eyes to new possibilities, new solutions, and new opportunities to change the world.

How We Fulfill Our Mission

We fulfill our mission in three ways:

  • First – to local participants of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, we offer professional instruction and unique opportunities for all people to experience “Limitless” expression through art, dance, and music
  • Second – we inspire our audiences, fostering disability awareness, reinforcing and sustaining our belief that by working together we can create beautiful art together
  • Third – we work to create a supportive integrated community: offering education/training and networking, raising money, and coordinating activities to directly support other dance and disability programs with goals to create a more accessible and integrated world


Community Awareness and Education

  • Raise awareness in the community and provide education on disability, integration, and how to lead a “Limitless” life for those with and without disabilities
  • Limitless Representative Team that can perform and share their stories
  • Pop-up performances at local, community locations
  • Performances at specific target community events (Dance community events, Disability community events, Local/National community events, Media, Etc.)
  • School assemblies, healthcare assemblies

Adaptive Dance Programs: Making Change by Being Accessible

  • Providing weekly introduction to Limitless dance classes at local hospitals, dance studios, schools, etc.
  • Offering special training from Limitless instructors for group classes or private lessons
  • Hosting Limitless dance workshops and dance events with emphasis on collaboration, creativity, and how to create incredible things by thinking outside the box
  • Hosting various workshops and events to increase participation, awareness, and integration
  • Offering outreach and resources to individuals/families

Creating an Instructor Network

  • Have established network of Limitless instructors and community resources who are able to provide services to all peoples
  • provide “Limitless” instructor training classes and programs to allow professionals to expand their outreach to all abilities

Support Community Programming

  • Create and support programs that foster individual empowerment and integration; using dance, music, art and special activities to break down social barriers and misconceptions
  • Collaborate with community partners to build an empowering and supportive environment for all people


Check out this incredible promo video clip of our debut in 2014!

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