Integrated Dance Program


At Limitless, we provide the chance for individuals to explore the possibilities of their bodies, minds, and hearts on the dance floor. We offer introductory level classes for anybody who is interested and encourage the involvement of friends and family! The goal of our program is to achieve empowerment and integration! We believe that any differences we have should disappear once we reach the dance floor. Each dancer is an individual and has something unique to express. Our differences are not seen as obstacles, but rather as opportunities for creative ideas and solutions!

We have a special vision to prove that anybody can dance, anywhere, anytime … regardless of age, experience or ability! Our classes focus on individual empowerment and integration of all people and all styles. Participants from all walks of life are welcome to learn a variety of dance styles and techniques, and to experience “Limitless” expression through art and music. We currently offer classes in the community, at local hospitals, and are continuously working to expand our Instructor Network!

Some of our dance participants go on to become part of the Limitless Performing Team who attend special community events and activities to raise awareness about disability, collaboration, and how to lead a “Limitless” life.

“To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak” – Indian proverb.

“So You Think You Can’t Dance” Class Schedule

“So You Think You Can’t Dance” provides a fun, non-competitive environment for people that builds self-esteem and social skills, self-confidence, and fosters individuality and integration through creative dance. Everybody is welcome and able to learn together. It is just like any other dance class in the community, with the distinction of welcoming all participants! We have a class for every body!

Our dance classes feature:

–   Choreography in different styles of dance
–   Exploration of technique, rhythm, style, and timing
–   Instruction in basic partner work for any combination of abilities
–   Individualized lessons for all abilities and experience levels
–   Special workshops from amazing guest instructors

We currently hold classes on Fridays at the Wellness Center at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center in Downey, CA. If you are interested in how you can get Limitless at your organization or event, please contact us at!


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