Experience Us

There are many ways to experience Limitless in your community! Come support our Limitless dance team, take our classes, or invite us to your event!

CHEER US ON – Our Limitless Dancers often perform at local community and dance events! Check our schedule and come cheer us on!

JOIN US ON THE DANCE FLOOR – As always, our “So You Think You Can’t Dance” classes are open to everyone all the time! We are also available for individual instruction or workshops! Check out class schedule for more details! (or if you spot us being limitless in the community, ask us to dance!!)

BECOME AN INSTRUCTOR – Join us at our Instructor Training Session to become a Limitless instructor and become a part our Instructor Network

HAVE US AT YOUR EVENT– Limitless is available for private instruction or workshops! Have us perform at your event, teach a class, or speak at your event or organization!


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