Thank you for 2014

Limitless had such an unforgettable year in 2014. This year, we had the most incredible debut at the LA Bachata Festival, unbelievable collaborations with some of the most amazing choreographers and dancers in the industry (We love you Junior & Emily, Jorge & Aubrey), and the extraordinary opportunity to be invited to be a part of incredible productions by some of the most-respected leaders in the industry (Mr. Albert Torres, Jorge Contreras & Leslie Ferreira)! We also had the wonderful blessing and ability to perform and share memories with some incredible community organizations who are doing some fantastic things: Familia Unida and the Annual MS Wheelchair Wash, Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center Spinal Injury Games, SCRS-ILC, City of Malibu Hand-In-Hand Community Event, OTAC … As well as just share the dance stage and dance floor with some of our favorite people. Here are some of our highlights of 2014, as well as a video from the LA Summer Bachata Festival (with guest choreographers, Jorge Contreras & Aubrey Ares).

Thank you for the most blessed 2014. We are beyond words with gratitude and love for all of your support and encouragement. Stay tuned for some very exciting projects coming up in 2015!

And here is the emotional promo video of our debut this year at the LA Bachata Festival, as well as the latest video of our performance at the LA Summer Bachata Festival (6 months later with Jorge Contreras & Aubrey Ares)!

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