*Dancer Spotlight* LOUIS



Hello my name is Louis Campbell.  

On June 12th of 2012 about 10:00 a.m. i was on my job doing prep-work for the day. I’m employed at the Manor Hotel in Hollywood California. I am a Chef by profession. At that time i experienced a major stroke. At the time i didn’t realize what was happening to me. Two weeks later i woke up out of a medicinal coma with the left side of my body unable to function. My life changed instantly. At that moment i had no desire to live but that wasn’t to be.

I quickly changed my mind because i am a believer in God and what He’s capable of. I realized that their must be a reason that I’m still alive. I know that helping others is part of the plan.  I’ve received great help and care from the Doctors at Cedars Sinai and now at Rancho Los Amigos. I applaud the entire medical staff here at Rancho Los Amigos leaving no one out.


During one of my workouts Debbie Wang , one of Ranchos Elite Occupational Therapist invited me to join in and dance with other outpatients.  I’ve always enjoyed dancing but since the stroke i have been trying to learn how to walk again. I asked her how can i dance and I’m barely walking. She says with a big smile you can if you try I’ll teach you. She convinced me to try as she explained that their was a theraputic part to the dancing and i wasn’t passing up any opportunities to walk more normal.  Now all this began in the last month of October or November last year. On February 16th of this year we all performed a dance routine at the Bachetta Festival LA at the Westin Hotel near LAX and had an enlightening experience as well as deomonstrating one.

I am so thankful to Debbie for her inspiration to reach out and  encourage us as people regardless of our individual challenges to go the  extra mile to get better,be better and have fun doing it. Now i look forward to dance rehearsals, new steps ,more perfection and more dance competitions. My stroke experience has taught me to accept this change in my life and exercise my options to attain the lifestyle that i so desire. One of my options that leads me to where i want to be is definitely being a part of Debbies LIMITLESS Production Co. My second option will be to help others be positive about their life’s Change and be courageous about using their options to make their come back…..

Praise God

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